What We Offer

  • Multi-Currency Accounts:
    One simple account that allows clients to hold, exchange, receive and remit funds in all major and several minor currencies. Our online access option gives clients the ability to view their account in the reference currency of their choice, analyze any currency exposure and view their portfolio performance.
  • Global Custody:
    A truly international approach to investing that allows clients to hold and trade financial products in currencies and markets around the world. Our longstanding relationships with some of the industry’s most renowned financial institutions means we can offer custody for a wide range of financial instruments based on the client’s investment model.
  • Dedicated Team of Experienced Professionals:
    Our multilingual team is dedicated to providing an unparalleled private banking experience for our clients. The team is comprised of financial service professionals with decades of experience. Our commitment is serve our clients quickly and efficiently through clear communication.

About Us

Fairwinds International Bank offers clients a boutique private banking experience with exceptional service and knowledge rooted in our European background. Our team combines Swiss banking expertise and a strategic network of partnerships with well-respected financial institutions around the globe to serve clients’ international banking needs in the increasingly complex landscape of cross-border banking.

From our base in the historic Old San Juan neighborhood in Puerto Rico’s capital, we offer Custody and Private Banking services for international individuals, corporate clients, trusts and foundations. Our dedicated multilingual team possesses a diverse set of experience and expertise to assist our clients with their private banking needs.

Fairwinds International Bank is an independent, family owned bank in the United States Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Client & Services

  • Our banking arrangements are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs, plans and ambitions. We offer a range of services accessible through our private banking advisors at any point in time.

    Who We Serve:

    • High Net Worth Individuals
    • External Asset Managers
    • Investment Funds
    • Family Offices
    • Trust Companies
    • Private Banking Clients
    • Select Corporate Clients
    • Private Corporate Structures

    What We Offer:

    • Multi-currency transaction banking
    • International debit cards
    • Foreign exchange
    • International transfers
    • Fiduciary and custody services for negotiable securities or private funds

    Account Types:

    Personal Account – For individuals looking to manage their personal assets with ease. Clients can open individual, joint and trust accounts depending on their needs.

    Private Corporate Account – Offers corporations the opportunity to manage their financial assets through custodian services and the ability to send and receive international payments.

  • The primary aim of our services is to simplify the information and bring it to your fingertips in a consolidated view. We work through various sub custodians. These sub custodians are selected based on a careful and meticulous selection process.

    Our global custodian services focus on excellence and proficiency delivering the best possible service for all major and emerging markets.

    Most of our clients have assets which are spread across the globe with a variety of asset managers. Controlling and preserving these assets can be a laborious and time consuming task. Working with a global custodian gives you greater control and security, as well as complete, combined reporting of all assets.

    Global Custodian Accounts With Local Access

    We take care of the detail, actively tracking balances and transactions, monitoring provider reports and fees. Fairwinds International Bank LLC delivers a range of services:

    • Standard reporting for all investments
    • Processing and settling of 3rd party trades and safekeeping of securities
    • Collection of income and dividends
    • Notification and management of corporate actions and proxies
    • Analysis of portfolio performance against various major and customary benchmarks

Puerto Rico

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, granting it some unique advantages, especially as an international financial center. Its status means the island benefits from local autonomy while sharing the same defense, market, currency and rule of law of the United States. Its relationship guarantees the same regulatory framework and legal stability as the mainland, while providing unique benefits to international clientele.

Puerto Rico’s economy counts among the most dynamic in the Caribbean, with the largest Airport and harbor of the region.

The Puerto Rico government has been very active in establishing a legal framework of incentives designed to stimulate the establishment and development of a wide array of ventures, among them financial services; manufacturing; IoT and other internet-based operations; commercial businesses; telemedicine; and the export of services.

In 2019, the Island consolidated a number of incentive codes from the past decade into one law, Act 60 or the Puerto Rico Incentives Code. The law is divided into chapters of incentives for individual investors and business across a various industries to move to Puerto Rico. Under the former tax incentive laws (notably Act 20 & 22), thousands of investors and businesses have relocated Puerto Rico resulting in millions of dollars in additional tax revenue for the government, strong job creation and the promotion of the export of services from Puerto Rico.


  • Fairwinds International Bank is licensed by the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (OCIF for its acronym in Spanish) as an International Financial Entity (IFE) under the license IFE 35. OCIF is accredited by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) in Washington DC. The CSBS was created in 1902 and organizes state banking regulators in all 50 states of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. It provides training and continued education for examiner professionals, graduate school scholarships, and resources for examiners, researchers and other industry professionals.

    Fairwinds International Bank is licensed to conduct regular banking activities as specified in Act 273 of September 2012, as amended, known as the International Financial Center Regulatory Act and as specified by its Banking License.

    As a Commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico is subject to the federal laws and regulations of the United States, including but not limited to, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Customer Identification Program (CIP), the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and the USA Patriot Act.

    Our bank is run conservatively with a focus on your safety and that of your assets. Client assets are held with reputable correspondent banks and custody partners in Europe and North America.

    Fairwinds International Bank is independent and family owned.


    Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act requires that financial institutions obtain, verify, and register the identifying information of individuals who open accounts.  The United States government created this law as a measure to prevent terrorism and money laundering.

    When you request account opening:

    • We will require your name, physical or mailing address, date of birth, social security number, and any other information that allows us to identify you with certainty.
    • We will also require that you show your driver’s license or any other photo identification valid and issued by the government.

    When you request an account, you provide your consent to Fairwinds International Bank to obtain credit information, verify references with other financial institutions, and to utilize any commercial database to validate your identity.

    This information could also be requested when Fairwinds International Bank is unable to form a reasonable belief that it knows the true identity of the existing customer or when conducting certain transactions.

    In all cases, protection of our customer’s identity and confidentiality is our pledge to you.

Fairwinds International Bank
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LICENSE NR. IFE 35 regulated by OCIF
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